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Enquête sur les conditions

d'élevages avec dx-france

Il y a moins d’un an, William et Lea se lancent dans la création de Direct Action Everywhere France, une association qui vise à dénoncer les conditions de vie dans les élevages intensifs en France. Elevages de porcs, poules pondeuses ou encore de poulets destinés à la grande distribution. Sans pointer du doigt les éleveurs mais les grandes industries de distribution, les militants de DXE-FRANCE s’infiltrent au milieu de la nuit dans des élevages où les conditions de vie des animaux sont remises en cause. Le tout est dénoncé et retransmis à travers des vidéos ou des photos. William et Léa cherchent, à travers leurs enquêtes, à dépeindre une vérité parfois ignorée par les consommateurs. Leur but, informer sur l’origine des produits consommés et des conditions subies par les animaux, aux dépends du profit des grandes distributeurs. 


DXE, Fight against animal suffering

France, 2019

With more than 35 million views in just a few months, DXE-France activists infiltrate intensive livestock farms to capture images, sometimes shocking, to denounce the practices used in the agri-food industry and animal suffering. 

Every year, nearly 60 billion animals worldwide are slaughtered and then consumed or even thrown away, and more than a billion in France.

The French are consuming more and more meat from supermarkets without really having the traceability.

A little less than a year ago, Léa and Williams set about creating the association Direct Action Everywhere France, in order to raise public awareness of animal suffering and, more specifically, to reveal the hidden face of factory farming. The whistleblowers infiltrate intensive pig and poultry farms in the middle of the night with their faces uncovered to shoot their videos. Dead animals, overcrowding, disregarded hygiene rules, antibiotics, the living conditions of the animals are denounced with transparency, most often with the help of shocking images broadcast on social networks, hoping to arouse the curiosity of consumers or, better still, to raise their awareness.

That said, it is out of the question for them to point the finger at farmers who are not, according to them, responsible, as they are victims of market pressure and competition.

The rapper Stomy Bugsy, the journalist Hugo Clément and Bastien Lachaud, MP for Seine-Saint-Denis, accompanied the DXE activists during their investigations, which have already been viewed 35 million times.Since June, Lea and William have been under pressure: summonses to court, censorship on social networks, complaints from farmers...

However, the duo, together with other activists of the association, continues to produce and broadcast more and more content, hoping to touch a collective awakening.

In July, in collaboration with the Stéphane Lamart association, they flew to China to see the state of intensive dog farms. During their trip, the team will have the opportunity to visit a shelter for dogs rescued from the slaughterhouse, and several animal markets. Regardless of the difference in culture or the animal species involved, they want to show, through this project on the other side of the world, that suffering remains the same.

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