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Banten, After the tsunami

Indonesia: Island of Java, Carita Region, 2019

On Saturday 22 December, the Anak Krakatoa volcano erupts. 

A few hours later, a tsunami hit the coast of Java in the region of Banten, a popular place for Indonesians and Jakartans during weekends and holidays

On that day, nearly 450 people died, many of them tourists but also locals. The wave, caused by an underwater collapse, swept away families, houses and businesses. 

On 5 January the government announced the end of the emergency response. As the days passed, the landscape changed once again, NGOs and governmental associations withdrew and left the Indonesians alone to face the disaster. 

One month later, despite the trauma, the locals focus on reconstruction, hoping for a quick return of the tourists who filled the hotels and small businesses, the main source of income in the region.

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