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War in Ukraine

On February 24, Russian troops invaded Ukraine. With the journalist Ines Gil, we decide to cover the war in Ukraine. We leave Beirut on February 27th, 3 days after the invasion. We decide to focus all our work on the impact of a war on the civilian population. We cover the arrival of refugees at the Romanian border. We cross the border towards the outskirts of Kyiv. From the south to Lviv, we cover the humanitarian organization set up in the country to support the East and the center. We then reach the southern outskirts of Kyiv, in the village of Ivancovichy. Under the silence of the media, the residential areas where we are are also bombed. For a few days, we share the daily life of the population who decided to stay in spite of the Russian troops' advance and the more and more frequent bombings. Then we go to work in the city of Kyiv. In the capital, we work mainly on the impact of the war in the hospitals and maternity wards of the city. After the departure of the Russian troops, from Bucha to Borodianka, we cover the massacres committed by the Russian army.

February - March 2022 /Ukraine

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